Diets That Work Fast – The 2 Weirdest Diets That Work Fast!

Back for more? Well that’s great! Because there is something I wanted to tell you for quite some time now. Well actually I just read it a couple of days ago while searching for more information about diets that work fast. And I found two of the most ridiculous looking diets that work fast and I want to share them with you. The reason for me being so nice today, is because I love to educate people on various subjects and, I love improving my typing and writing skills. So let’s get down to business.

The two most ridiculous diets that work fast are:
The Zone diet – huh? What the heck is “The Zone” diet? Well that’s why I’m here for! The zone diet is a relatively new-age diet that basically says that your body goes into the “Zone” once you ingest 30% Proteins, 30% Fats and 40% carbohydrates. This diet required a specially designed calculator to calculate all the percentage so you’ll be able to know the exact amount of food to eat. Some people say that this one of the bet diets that work fast and that they achieved tremendous results with it. Some of the positive things that I read about the zone diet were that some people said that they experienced a huge improve in their hormone balance (and to be honest I have no idea what they meant by that, but I hope you do). Some of the foods that this diet recommends to keep your body in “The Zone” are: specific types of beef and stew, eggs and blueberry pancakes.

Cabbage Soup Diet – this one probably have the most repulsive name ever been given to a diet. But don’t be mistaken, this diet is on the diets that work fast list for a reason, and a bloody good reason too! The “secret” is, that if you eat (or force yourself to eat haha) cabbage soup along with specific types of food as the week goes by, you will see a very quick weight loss because cabbage soup is super-low on calories and that means you’ll defiantly be able to drop a few pounds in a course of a week. You can eat cabbage soup with fruits (anything but bananas) and with other vegetables

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